How to apply lipstick to look good?

Lipstick can make your lips plump and moisturized, and it can also prevent chapped lips and keep your lips moisturized. I believe there is no beauty-loving MM who doesn't like to wear lipstick, so how to apply lipstick to look good? What is the principle of lipstick?

Human lip types are divided into thick lip type and thin lip type. For thick lip type, you should choose cool lipstick to make your lips thin and transparent; for thin lip type, you should choose pearlescent lipstick to plump your lips. Let's take a look at how to apply lipstick for these two types of lips.

How to apply thick lip lipstick to look good:

1 Dip a small amount of concealer with your fingertips, and apply a thin layer on the original contour line of the lips to hide the obvious contour of the lips.

2 Use a lip liner to trace the upper and lower lip lines on the inner side of the original contour of the lips.

3 Note that the lip line should be drawn 1 mm inside the original lip contour to reduce the entire lip contour.

4 Then when applying the lipstick with a lip brush, apply a layer of lipstick from the middle to both sides, and apply twice to the corners of the mouth. Repeatedly deepen the color, the lips will shrink and have an angular feel.

How to apply thin lip lipstick to look good:

1 For thin lips, if you want to plump your lips, you can use a pink-brown lip liner that is close to the lip color to gently trace a lip line slightly wider than the contour of the lips.

2 First trace a full curve on the peak of the upper lip and extend it to the corner of the mouth. Start from the middle of the lips to the corners of the mouth and draw the lip line.

3 After drawing the lip liner, use a lip pencil to dip the lipstick several times and apply evenly. Pay attention to the fusion with the lip line, and there should be no color difference.

4 Finally, apply a pearlescent lipstick to your lips to plump your lips.


Be sure to apply the appropriate method according to the lip shape. And when choosing the color of lip gloss and lipstick, pay attention to matching your lip color and skin tone. Only in this way can you draw a perfect and delicate lip makeup. If the lip line is too thick, it looks unnatural and outdated. But for women with fine lines around the lips, lip liner can prevent lipstick from penetrating into the fine lines. When drawing lip liner, if you want to use its strengths and avoid its shortcomings, use a lip liner to cover the entire lips, and then apply a layer of lipstick to increase the brightness. This way the lipstick will not fade for a long time.


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